Hang on, Daddy

Daddy, dearest,
you can’t leave just yet
you’ve still got stuff to do!!
We have to do a car-boot sale
and sell all of your crime novels!!
Just think if we sell them for a quid each
we’ll have so much money and we can go to
the pub and get plastered with our friends!! We
also need to clear out your bedroom, the mountain
of papers you have acquired over the years still need to
be shredded!! You can’t die now because I haven’t finished my
dissertation, and if you die I won’t have the will to carry on with it!!
You have to wait until I’ve graduated so you can be proud of me and see
me wearing a silly hat and gown (you know I don’t suit hats) and even though
you won’t be able to make the journey you still have to live to see the little scroll
that they give me with its red ribbon!! We have more jokes to hear, more stories to
listen to, more friends to make, more tears to cry, more cuddles to be had, more laughter to share. You seriously cannot leave me yet, it’s too early, this isn’t your time. Hang on, Daddy.


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