Bipolar is one hell of an illness. Sometimes, I can’t actually believe it, that Bipolar chose to latch onto me, and suck out all of my blood whilst breathing life into me at the same time. Sometimes, I can’t believe I have this disorder. Not because I don’t exhibit the key symptoms, because I certainly do, but because I just can’t believe it has happened to me. I must have really fucked up in a past life to deserve this. But people tell me it’s a blessing in disguise, that I wouldn’t be as creative and as strong as I am today had I not been mentally ill. But still, it’s just unfathomable sometimes. I’d say I understand my illness pretty well: I listen to what the professionals tell me and I do my own research. But still, I don’t understand why it had to happen to me. Was I born to be this miserable? Did some higher power decide that it is my fate to be mentally ill for the entirety of my teenage years and for every year after that? I am baffled. Please be patient with those who are diagnosed with Bipolar: life gets pretty fucking tough, at the best of times. Wow. Bipolar is one hell of an illness.


  1. I would suggest that there is no blame, this is not something you ever chose. you are the net result of a complex chain of biological, psychological and spiritual decisions occurring in the bloodline leading up to your creation. You have ancestors going back tens of thousands of years to curse or give thanks for, as you see fit. But, you are unique. There are qualities about you in such an arrangement that nobody else possesses. You have discovered some of them already, what more are you capable of achieving? This is humanity. That person in the expensive clothes with that hairdo and that car and that lover, does not have what you have, does not have your special combination of talents and insight. They will never be able to achieve what you can!

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