Apologies & Assumptions

I am at my most suicidal point in weeks. I am terrified and heartbroken and relapsing is killing me. The tears won’t stop coming and the zopiclone/diazepam/propranolol concoction I took isn’t working. I don’t want to be alive anymore, to hear your fake apologies and your assumptions about me. I want to overdose and sleep until tomorrow evening when I can cry into your arms. I am devastated at what my life has become, an endless line of people I love, hurting me with all of their strength, trying to break me down, to push me over the edge. The final episode has occurred. I have been pushed over the edge.


8 thoughts on “Apologies & Assumptions

  1. Hang in there, sweetie. I’ve been there too and I know how badly you want to just give in, but don’t. Not for anyone else, not for the hurt someone caused you because they aren’t worth anything if they cause you pain this way. You have a beautiful talent for writing and you will go far in life, just keep holding on.

  2. Dear Girl. I don’t know you, you don’t know me. My heart aches for you, as does others, you can clearly see. I hope you know people, whether they are loved ones, or strangers do care. I am praying for you, and sending love for whatever that is worth. Please find the strength to lift yourself up to see the light of another day.

      • Hang in there, keep trying, and don’t ever be afraid to grab a hold of the hands reaching out to you. One of them could just save your life. And life, although rough, is really a beautiful thing, take it from an old broad beat down broad :)

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