The Wolf/London Girl

Today, (technically yesterday) I received a very special email from a follower. I won’t disclose what the email said, but it made my heart jump around underneath my ribcage. He praised me, and asked if it was alright for him to write a poem about me, for me, because I had inspired him. Rather than simply reblogging it, I have given the poem it’s own post because it deserves it. (I hope this is okay with him.) He is a massively talented writer, a poet capable of writing about the absurd with taste, charming wit and seemingly infinite wisdom. I urge you all to check out his work, but I warn you, you might just fall in love. Follow, follow, follow!

Reading his poem about me made my heart melt. I have never felt so humbled and privileged to be the subject of a piece by such a passionate writer. His accuracy in writing about me is alarming, his words are beautiful, his message powerful. It is perfect. I am printing it out and it is going on my wall so I can read it whenever I feel down. He has made me believe in life, love, myself.  I am truly blessed. So, here it is, entitled ‘London Girl.’

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All credit goes to J. W. Wolf, 26th February 2014.
Thank you, you wonderful human being. xxx


The Man in the check shirt
he longs to flirt
with the beautiful London Girl
There is a whole black book world
to explore and
so much beauty to read
Bicycle riding under the Marble Arch
these are May December’s Wants & needs

Subliminal Messages
only the Well Read Can get
A freshly cut lawn
that is just a tad wet

These Dreams hold together like flowers
in a luxuriant Vase
These Tears fall onto your shoulders
effortlessly from your face
when I read Sarte & Ginsberg
aloud in your room
when I hold your hand through storms
of bi-polar doom

My Young Darling
This is Not a Proclamation “Will you Marry me?”
This is Not typical Cognitive behavioral therapy
This is Fate & Destiny
This is Connection & Spark
The ICD-10 criteria you suffer with
after dark
is something only the trendy artsy in the know crowd
There is freshly trimmed Grass in Hyde Park
will you take my hand?

Read Poetry Philosophy Literature to me
May and December
Relax your lungs,

Art in Our Time
Hearts in Our Minds
you and your work
both sublime
call this inspiration
call this uncomfortable prose
I lay down the gravel
where it leads?
who knows


Creative Process Comes when the heart is touched
When The rapid breathing sparks in such
a distinctive
destructive way
I just wrote this hoping if nothing else to say

you inspire
you shine
you offer so much to this world
close your book
find me somehow
beautiful London Girl

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