I’m having a Dylan day, Daddy

We ate hash cookies
and watched Bob Dylan
live in the park that you
used to take me to when
I was a babe in arms.

You taught me how to live
like a rolling stone and
injected me with knowledge
and power. “I didn’t do any
of your Charlie, my girl.”

We share everything, you
hate all of my boyfriends,
we are rubbish at quitting
smoking together. “Don’t
think twice, it’s alright.”

We don’t have enough
photographs together,
but the memories are
the best. Our lazy summers
spent in the pub garden,

trips to Cornwall blasting
Mark Knopfler, Leonard Cohen
and, of course, Bobby D.
You taught me everything I know,
and I will repay you by making you

proud. I love you more than
any other man on this planet.
I love you oodles and oodles,
more than all the tea in China.
It’s alright Da, I’m only living.


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