Self Portrait


She enters the high-end
shop of jewels, hoping to sell
the eternity ring and $700 watch

that you tried to buy her love with.
She has holes in her shoes
and the word “eternity” makes her

laugh. She paints her nails in
colours that match her mood,
because that’s the kinda girl

she is: usually black. Red if
it’s your lucky day. She enjoys
sleep, she does it well and often:

it’s like being dead but without
the commitment. She wakes up
next to beautiful men, she wakes

up alone, she wakes up without you.
She dances in front of buskers in
the street, admiring their talent,

giving them her last penny. Food is
at once gorgeous and unnecessary.
She’s seen it all

the rise, the fall,
nothing scares her anymore.
Her men prefer her crazy,

they will never know her sane.
Whirlwind of cocaine
they will never know her sane.


  1. Hello. It is very strange how I don’t even know you, but through this piece it literally was like I took a glimpse into your soul. To say that this was “deep” would be an understatement. I can tell that there has been much pain and suffering in your past, but somehow that’s what makes us great. Cause without great suffering there cannot be great compassion or feeling. I hope you know that you’re wonderful.

    If you like, you should read my poem “When I Picked a Flower”. I wrote it for every girl out there that needs to feel special. You are but a flower waiting to be picked. (sorry if that was assumptious, I might’ve gotten it from your post “Date me”)

    Just wanted to make your day though. Your writing is amazing and I see the beauty from within.

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