I feel everything all at once, in this moment right now. I feel nervous and excited, scared and hopeful, sad and content. I am having a mixed episode and I don’t know what to do. I am trying to embrace all of these emotions, and get them down on paper, but I don’t know what to do with myself. So I shall write. I am waiting for something. Until this thing happens I cannot possibly move on. I am waiting for lots of things, but at the same time I am waiting for nothing because I am sure that these things will happen eventually, so what’s the point in actively waiting and dwelling on them? I am sad for various reasons, but at the same time I am content. I wouldn’t say that I am happy (I don’t think I know what happiness is to be honest), happiness is something different and special, but I am content with this moment in time. Or am I? Would I change it? If I could change this moment, I would make it so that I am at Maenporth Beach, sitting with you, looking at the moon. We’d talk away the tides, and make a fire, and perhaps you’d kiss me. That’s what I would like at this moment in time. Maybe one day it will happen. I shall not wait. Because what’s the point?

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  1. I feel this too.
    I’m not one for waiting (impatience is my middle name). But I get stuck on actually which decision to make. Glad you have some clear idea where you’d rather be, even just for this moment.
    Enough waffling for me, I would re-title this “All the Feels.”

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