Today, I’m feeling good. I had a solid night of sleep (albeit with messed up dreams) and have awoken feeling fresh and liberated. I’ve had a shower, tidied my room, eaten breakfast, done “normal” things that every other person seems to manage to do quite easily. I’ve returned my library books too (something which I’ve been meaning to do for days). Today on campus there is a puppy therapy session: you basically get ten minutes to play with puppies and dogs in a bid to lift your mood. This sounds interesting, and while I’m giving it a miss today I will certainly try it out in future as my best friend is keen to go. I am awaiting news of whether I have secured the work placement at Hachette: once I know, I can pack my things and head back to North London as I am working this weekend. I’m excited to see my dad and my partner. But the journey always kills me: it’s expensive, long, and tedious. But necessary.

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