Mood Graph



This is my mood graph, based on my journal entries for NaBloPoMo. It includes two relapses, and a “verging-on-manic” episode. This has got to be rapid cycling, surely?

“Mania is a period of abnormally elevated mood, usually accompanied by erratic behavior lasting at least seven days at a time. Hypomania is an elevated mood not reaching full-on mania. The usual duration is four to seven days. A few people with rapid cycling bipolar disorder alternate between periods of hypomania and major depressive disorder. Far more commonly, though, depression dominates the picture. Repeated periods of depression are punctuated by infrequent, shorter periods of elevated mood.”

We can see that depression is “dominating” the picture, and these episodes are punctuated by shorter periods of elevated mood. What’s more concerning to me is the frequency of which I feel indifferent/nothing/just okay (the middle line of the graph). Why is this happening? It must be my medication. But I’m supposed to be happy, not sad :(


  1. It’s great that you took the time to make the graph, I think knowing where your mood is going helps. I rapid cycle and even have mixed states, so that graph could be one day for me!

  2. Being below the line is tough, but temporary, as is being above the line. The thing is to make the time between the dots stretch out and vary less from up and down. Use all the tools in your coping arsenal, and keep faith that you have been created from good stuff.

  3. I recognise that pattern, and that ‘flat’ feeling is horrible, especially when you’re familiar with the buoyancy of hypomania. One of my meds has the same effect, but I’ve recently gone running back to them after a short period without (bad move). Hope you feel more than ok soon (but not too much)

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