24.5: Lithium

My mood graph has really scared me. I’ve never been so serious about Recovery in my whole life. I’m seeing the Community Psych Nurse tomorrow, and I think I’m going to discuss with her the possibility of starting Lithium. Have any of my bipolar followers any experience of this drug? I’d be grateful to hear from you (pros and cons, side effects, blood tests, etc.) Thanks in advance! :)


  1. I took it for about a year and it did help with mood stabilization but I didn’t like the side effects, for me it was muscle weakness and an overall tiredness that was a drag. I understand that individual outcomes can be very different on this drug, so I wouldn’t be afraid to try it if you’ve already tried something like Lamictal. Good luck!

  2. Be careful with weight gain. It’s pretty infamous for that. I had a grandfather that blew up like a balloon on it which is why I’ve always avoided it.

  3. I have taken lithium for a little over a year and I would say that my experience has been pretty positive. I have a regular blood test every 3 months (i had them more frequently when I was seeing my p-doc more frequently). The biggest negative for me has been tremors, mostly in my hands. It happened more when I first started, but now it is more pronounced when I’ve had too much caffeine or when I’m really tired. They haven’t ever gone away but it’s usually not too bothersome. The way I look at it, I’m seeing good effects with lithium so the tremors are a small price to pay. I hope you have a good experience with starting Lithium.

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