Having a strange day, again. Last night I had a dream that my brother died so woke up in the middle of the night in tears. Had a doss-about day with my best pal, we watched documentaries about mental health, heroin, 9/11 conspiracies and Hitler.

I feel in a particularly self-destructive mood this evening. My partner was supposed to come and visit me tonight, but he’s had too much to drink so can’t drive down. I feel in the mood to get loads of drugs and drink and listen to sad music and write poetry. Of course, I won’t do this, as I don’t have enough money for drink and drugs. So I’ll stick to cigarettes, Amy Winehouse albums and poetry writing. I also need to brainstorm more ideas for features articles for Student365 as I need to provide them with one article a week so need lots of ideas. Suggestions are welcome!

Wishing you all a day of peace.

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