Lucky number seven. I’m feeling a lot better today: finally tidied my bombsite of a room, done some food shopping, and now ready to crack on with studying. My best pal is coming to mine to work with me, I always work better with her around, we force each other to work to strict deadlines: “You have to have done 2,500 words by 4pm or you’re not allowed to go for a cigarette.” etc. It works.

I always behave strangely around this time of year. Someone suggested that it’s because of the clocks going back. My sleeping pattern has been terribly messed up by my fear of sleep walking. I’ve started sleep walking recently and now I’m scared to sleep in case I venture out onto campus and do something silly. But I’m exhausted and need to sleep well. I’m seeing the Community Psychiatric Nurse on Monday so I’ll talk to her about it and hopefully she’ll give me some more sleeping pills. I’ve been thinking about what it would be like to live without medication: I think I would be dead.

Tell me what you think!

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