So yesterday was a successful day: I spent the day working on my dissertation, eating too much food, starting an essay that is due in a month’s time, applying to internships and landing myself a job as a features writer for the UK’s number 1 student magazine and website! Happy days! I enjoy my visits from the Goddess Success, she makes me feel better about myself.

Had a horrific day at work today, 4 pointless hours standing in the rain trying to flog eye tests to the unenthusiastic public. The cuts on my arms are really annoying me as well, they’re itchy and scabby and won’t stop bleeding. I’m generally feeling under the weather today but it’s a difficult day for my best friend so I must be lively enough to support her in her hour of need. We’re going to dye her hair, drink wine and watch rubbish tv (after studying of course). Sigh. Finally got my Abilify so hopefully I’ll begin to feel better again.


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