Things I need to do when I receive my funding:

  • buy my medication
  • go to the British Library and do some more dissertation research
  • go to the big Waterstones in Charing Cross and buy all of my course books
  • pay back all of my debts… to my partner, my mother, my best friend, all of whom have given me cash to tide me over
  • enter more poetry competitions

I don’t think the people in the finance office have any idea how difficult it is for a bipolar student to have 97p to their name. I. Need. To. Buy. My. Medication. At £8 a pop, I desperately need money to buy my pills. As a student reading for a degree in English, I desperately need to buy my course books: if I can’t afford the compulsory reading, then I fall behind on my studies and my essays and attendance suffer. I can’t physically ask anyone close to me for more money as I have exhausted all of my options already: nobody is willing to give me any more money. Arrggghhhhhhh.

Note: I have just received an email saying that my funding will definitely be paid to me tomorrow. They said that last Wednesday. Hmph. We shall see.

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