I have decided not to take part in NaNoWriMo. It’s too much extra pressure, and my college work should come before recreation. I will post more novel writing as it comes to me, so the story of Trey and Lucrezia won’t be left untold!

Today I feel strange. Not happy, not sad, just indifferent. I feel unsure of what to do with myself; I just waiting for the evening because I’m going to a dinner and dance which I’m nervous about but really looking forward to. My funding still hasn’t come through which has made me furious. I am penniless and exhausted, and reeeeally need my aripiprazole to control my bipolar. But I’m guessing my money won’t come through until Monday now so alas I must go two days without my meds, which is scary and slightly unnerving. But at least I’ve still got plenty of my other pills left to see me through. I’m going to spend the day in the library working on my dissertation (arguing for ‘Ariel’ by Plath being an existentialist text), write some poetry, watch the football then get ready to dance the night away.

Have a lovely day everyone!

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  1. Have you read “Toxic Psychiatry” by Peter R.Breggin? There are grim and serious long-term neurological effects of long-term use of so-called psychiatric drugs. Though I know you not, I care and need to warn you. Am 68, have been on various anti-depressives for almost my entire life since 21, but now off and clearer, saner, and more my true self than ever.

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