The Definitive List

Things I like:
the smell of cut grass,
European literature,
The Catcher in the Rye,
check shirts,
completely closed doors and curtains,
nail varnish,
Last Request by Paolo Nutini,
The Witch of Portobello,
cycling and bike rides,
speaking to strangers,
getting good grades,
witty conversation,
French food,
flea markets,
pretty dresses,
white wine spritzers,
piercings and tattoos,
lobster and champagne,
yellow flowers,
hash browns,

Things I dislike:
doors that are ajar,
anything by Disney,
unpainted toenails,
feeling heartbroken,
the smell of petrol,
unnecessary noise,
Jane Austen novels,
being financially poor,
my inability to finish Ulysses,
the current UK government,
hearing jokes that I’ve already heard before,
uninspiring poetry,
people who walk too slowly,
overly industrialised areas,
Tottenham Hotspur FC,
the smell of milk,
arrogant men,
being overworked and underpaid,
not knowing the answers to things,
making mistakes,


4 thoughts on “The Definitive List

  1. This is so simple yet so very effective. You have put down such a great list and it’s possible to tell so much about you. The question is have you taken valium? It’s so interesting.

    • Thank you! Yes, simple but effective, this post allowed me to think solely about myself. I’d be interested to read your definitive list. And yes, I’m currently taking Valium and it’s saved me from some potentially disastrous depressive episodes and anxiety attacks. God bless the inventor!!

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