Synesthetic Ekphrasis: The Kiss

“Spend a day at a museum or reading an art book. Choose a piece of artwork that you enjoy or that you find thought-provoking. Rather than composing an ekphrasis that comments on the artwork itself, try your hand at writing a poem in the “mode” of the artwork. This may mean writing a poem in the poetic style that you think is reflected by the artwork, or it may mean trying to write in what you perceive to be the “tone” or “voice” of the artwork.”

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I am asleep in the
paradise that you
created just for me,
embraced by flora,
reassured by
sympathetic gold dust.
We are safe on our
patch of green that you
created just for me.
We are the living parallel,
we move as one;
your hands on my face
remind me of summers past,
and autumns spent.
Toes curl as you lean
in for the kiss that you
created just for me.
And in this moment
I know that I love you,
because we feel like
lovers do.

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