First Manic Journey: London Calling

She decided to go on a journey
because she needed to own the City.
The City would soon be hers,
but first she needed to dress accordingly.

Every piece of jewellery she possessed,
pearls, stones, hoops, “diamonds”,
chunky rings on every finger.
The rings made her fingers go green
but she didn’t have a care in the world.

Charcoal eyes, talcum powder face,
backcombed hair, ripped fishnets,
army boots, see-through shirt, tartan skirt.
She was asking for trouble, in her faux fur coat
but she didn’t have a care in the world.

Post-box red lips, generously outlined,
looking like a kid who’s been at the strawberry jam.
She thought that she looked divine,
that the photographers would stop her,
snap snap snap away.

She had 81p to her name,
and 12 miles between herself and her goal.
She can’t remember how she got there
but she did.

Notting Hill Gate, bookshop,
toyshop, park, water from McDonalds,
lovely houses, architectural delights,
meet funny man named Clive.

Portobello, market, cameras,
expensive handbags, thrift shop,
steal pair of Louboutins from the window,
meet crazy man named Keith.

Man playing guitar, shoes in hand,
3 sizes too big, hide in All Saints changing room,
eat some free Brazilian food, have cigarette under bridge,
meet strange man named Martin.

Saunter back to thrift shop,
throw shoes back in the window display,
run run run away.

Ladbroke Grove, end of school,
scary kids everywhere, don’t like it,
panic panic, fried chicken shop, panic.

Pick a bus, any bus, Edgware road,
shisha pipes, twists and turns,
Marble Arch.
She can’t remember how she got home
but she did.

Nobody asked where she had been,
nobody noticed she was missing from school,
nobody reached out to help her.

The Little Lost Lady in London.
The Troublesome Teen in Town.
Nobody reached out to help her.

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