Over The Town

He performed her evening routine for her, as she would have done herself, had she still been breathing. He knew she would want to have immaculate hair on their adventure, in case she saw someone that she knew, so he rolled up her hair in rags. He took off her jewellery, and placed the dainty pearls in the case in which they lived. He took off her watch, and forced it onto his own sprawling wrist. A snug fit, but he knew to keep his enemies close and Time had just proved to be his most cunning nemesis. He decided that since Eternity had gone to sleep indefinitely, he too should rest his sorry eyes.

He took the rags out of her hair. Curls framed her pallid face in their usual rigid arrangement. He was pleased. He collected her Sunday shoes from the wardrobe, and slipped them onto her feet. Any structure that had previously maintained the shape of her body had disintegrated into fine, powdery bone. Once concrete, she was now a fragile mess of deteriorating biological matter. This made him chuckle. He dressed her in her least flattering gown; one last attempt to humour her, as he thought she looked beautiful in it, where she complained of resembling a vast ocean. The creases in her dress exhibited more signs of life than her face did. Nevertheless, he swept her up into his arms, and carried her through the sky and over the town where they fell in love.

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